Top Myths About Armored Vehicles You Should Know



The shielding of cars has evolved in recent years, developing new technologies that can better protect vulnerable people from an attack, thanks to the fact that the armor is now much lighter and stronger than it was in the past. Many times, people do not know some things or have doubts when they go to buy an armored car, that is why in this post we will show you some myths about armored vehicles.

#1: The shields for cars are only for wealthy people     

You should know that shielding a car entails many hours of work, professional experts in this subject and materials that are required for this purpose. This can be very expensive, however, there are many types of armor that are specific to each need and budget, so it will not cost the same to shield a vehicle for a person who wants to protect themselves from common crime in the city and to shield a car for a state official who may be vulnerable to attacks. Remember; the price of your safety and that of the people who board your vehicle is priceless.

#2: The windows cannot be opened in an armored car 

Many people think that armored cars are a kind of tanks that can only be opened by their doors, but NOT so, the front windows of armored cars can be opened and lowered without a problem, depending on the level of armor by the curvature of the door they have a limit where they go down. There are even classy armored cars that look just exactly like regular cars; you can’t differentiate until you take a closer look. You can check out some Troy Armoring armored buses.  

#3: Only the military and the government can use them 

This is NOT true in most countries. You can have an armored car without a problem as long as they are shielded by recognized companies that are registered before the secretary of SSP.

#4: Shielding my car will take many months 

Until a few years ago, the process of shielding cars was something much more handmade so it could take several months to be done. However, today shield vehicles is a process that depends on the level of shielding, taking 3 months at most.

#5: The shield changes the shape of the vehicle

This is something that many people ask when purchasing an armored vehicle, and the answer to this myth is NO, the armor will not deform the design of the vehicle, you will only notice an increase in weight due to the materials that make up the shield, the only thing is that it is recommended to take some distance in case you have to stop suddenly

This way, you can rest assured that your car will maintain its original design and will not be affected aesthetically by the armor.


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