The benefits of Wearing Protective Gear


While motorcycling offers unimaginable thrill, freedom and even convenience to move about anywhere at a fast pace, it is also a dangerous activity. The rider remains exposed to the elements, and at the mercy of the machine and other vehicles on the roads. Protective gear is just as important as motorbike spares. Wearing essential protective gear and taking essential safety precautions reduces the risk considerably, allowing you to ride safely.

Key Components of Motorcycle Protective Gear

The basic components of motorcycle protective gear include a helmet, jacket, leather gloves, motorcycle boots, and motorcycle pants. The most important piece of protective gear is the helmet, which reduces the occurrence of head injuries considerably. Protective gear such as leather gloves, motorcycle jackets, and boots offer effective protection against bruises, burns, and abrasions.

Protective Gear Offers Safety

Good protective gear means the difference between life and death in the event of a motorcycle crash or an accident. A rider wearing a protective gear could escape injuries altogether, or at worst, escape with minor injuries or a mild concussion, even if caught up in the worst of crashes. On the other hand, wearing no protective gear almost always results in death. A rider without protective gear is at risk of abrasions, burns and broken bones, even if caught up in a minor accident. Protective gear also improves the visibility of the rider, lessening the chances of other vehicles ramming into the motorcycle when visibility is poor.

The Importance of High-Quality Safety Gear

Not all helmets, jackets, or gloves protect the motorcycle rider. It is important to
wear high-quality protective gear, tested for endurance. Poor quality helmets, designed more for style or attractiveness rather than endurance, may not offer effective protection to the head in the event of an impact. Likewise, poor quality gloves may tear away and expose the hands to burns or scratches. Wearing inadequate or poor-quality protective gear and helmets could mean serious injury to limbs, even if the rider survives. High-quality safety gear is just as important as high-quality motorbike spares for the safety of the vehicle and the rider.

Protective Gear Offers Comfort

Protective gear, apart from ensuring safety, also enhances the comfort of the rider.
Properly fitting protective gear offers good protection against the elements and enables the rider to ride the motorcycle in comfort in all riding conditions, be it rain, or extreme heat. Good quality leather gloves and jacket provides good protection against the cold and the wind. The helmet, apart from protecting the head, also helps to keep the hair in place, and protects the face from dust, rain, and winds.

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