Reflective Speed Bumps


In the boot of cars, there are a lot of items that we carry just in case. On the mats that cover the interior, it is usual to take a small toolbox for repairs in case of emergency, a box of bulbs and spare fuses, emergency triangles, reflective vests, and some other elements that we think we may need at some point in the life of the car.

We also usually carry a set of snow chains, a blanket, and sometimes a bag in case we go shopping.

The trunk of our car is a small reflection of our house, especially if we spend a lot of time traveling here and there due to work or personal circumstances. We can get a little idea of ​​how someone will have their home by looking at the trunk of their car. If you have a habit of accumulating things at home, we will find the same custom as your trunk.

Speed ​​Bumps

A fundamental tool to keep our streets safe and avoid accidents are the speed bumps. Speed bumps act as an active measure against outrages, also provide a deterrent for all drivers to run or exceed speed limits in specific areas such as hospitals, schools, and residential neighborhoods. It is usually also placed about 20 meters before a pedestrian crossing so that the vehicle slows down, and so if a pedestrian comes out suddenly gives us time to stop.

These stops are usually made of rubber, like plastic speed bumps which makes them easy to maintain and quick installation tools, unlike pedestrian crossings at the upper level of the road that need expensive works and too much time for installation. These rubber bumpers, on the other hand, are placed in just a couple of hours and are ready to use, and if a part of it deteriorates, it can be quickly replaced by a new one, which makes them practical and cheap measures for our cities.




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