Luxury Accents in 2020 Genesis G70


Genesis as an automaker focusing on luxury cars has now stepped up to the first row of its segment, where its competition is with Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW models. The latest Genesis models that are released with the 2020 year mark, now redefines in-car luxury in new terms. The 2020 G70 as the latest sedan model series comes offers a luxurious cabin on all its trim models. however, the level of luxury accents increases with the trim levels that ascend with their price tags.

From the Corona Genesis dealership, we came to know, that even the Base cars of the 2020 Genesis G70 sedans come with a synthetic leather upholstered cabin that stay cozy round the year with its automatic climate control feature. The seats are well bolstered, soft yet supportive to withstand the hectic long road trips. To set the occupants with the right posture and space, it has fitted inpower-adjustable front seats, and an optional power-opening trunk that will open automatically as soon as you reach there along with the key fob.

The next higher trims, named as 2.0T Elite adds in the list a leather upholstered cabin, heated and cooled seats, power-adjustable steering wheel,parking sensors, and an infotainment system with an 8.8 inch touchscreen display that supports smartphone functionalities through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The premium audio fills the cabin with booming music through a crystal clear digital stereo.

Cabin Layout

The layout of the 2020 Genesis G70 sedans offer abundant space for all the sections. The entire cabin punches up with a finely quilted leather upholstery that soaks you in its soft cushioned seats. At the front side, horizontal lines run along the dashboard making the cluster of instruments look sleek. They slightly angled towards the driver, to make the controls easily accessible for the one who will be constantly busy with the steering wheel. If you want the comfort of heated and cooled seats, Genesis offers you the same at  small price.

Space Utilized

Genesis knows that the first criterion of in car comfort is individual space. So, it translates the entire concept of luxury into allotment of space for each of the occupants irrespective of which seat they occupy. There is more than expected shoulder and knee room, though the head room might relatively come out as average.

The trunk size of the 2020 Genesis G70 sedans measure only 10.5 cubic feet, which isn’t the best in its class, but is acceptable. To compensate, Genesis keeps the rear seats of the 2020 G70 models flexible to be folded forward, if there is an urgent requirement to load a bulky item.

Final Impression

Our final impression on the 2020 Genesis G70 that we’ve explored at the Genesis Corona dealership showroom convinced us about the fact, that Genesis is a brand that ensures that every 2020 G70 sedan is built on a strong frame using good quality materials. It has justified its branching out from Hyundai to focus on making premium luxury cars, and it succeeded.

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