Interstate Car Transport – What Should You Expect?


Hiring a car transport company is perhaps the most convenient and budget-friendly way of interstate car shipping.


If you are careful while choosing your car removal service, you are quite likely to get reasonable rates. Plus, it’s not a hassle like having to drive your vehicle yourself.

If you have no previous experience of shipping a car, here are a few useful tips to give you a better idea of what to expect.

How to Book Your Shipment?

Once you decide which car transport company to hire, next you’ll have to make the booking. You’ll have to provide them some basic information about your vehicle such as model, year and make.

You’ll also need to mention if it’s been modified to let them get an idea of how much it weighs.

Next you’ve to specify them where you’d like them to collect your car and where to deliver, and whether you want a regular service or another option such as enclosed car transport.

Once they get all the information, they should be able to send you a precise car shipping quote, if you’ve not already received one.

If you like the price, you can book your shipment. Then the company will arrange to collect the car and give you aprediction of timing for delivery.

The company may take a deposit with the remaining payable to the driver upon delivery or want full payment upon confirmation of booking.

The process is pretty the same for the reliable muscle car imports from Dazmac Logistics, just in case you want to import a car.


If you choose the option of dropping your vehicle off yourself, you’ll be told to drop your car at a nearby depot on a specific date.

There is also an option in which the company will come to you and collect your car. But as their trucks are typically huge, they find it difficult to reach your home if the roads around your house are narrow.

Before accepting the car, they will thoroughly inspect your car to check its condition. Same type of inspection will be carried out after delivery to make sure the car has not been damaged during shipping.

You should be given a copy of the inspection report, together with the bill of lading which will be your receipt for the vehicle.



The transporter should take your contact details in case they want to contact you; but if everything goes alright, you shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them till your vehicle is ready for delivery.

Some transporters offer you to track the progress online so that you are stress-free about the locations of your car.


If your car will be dropped off, you’ll get a call a few days before it’s due, to ensure the arrangements. If you’re supposed to collect it from a depot, you’ll get a call when it arrives.

Again an inspection will be carried out. If any damage is observed during the inspection, you should get it mentioned in the report and signed by the driver so that you can make a claim on the transporter’s insurance.

With the expert coastal car shipping Perth to Adelaide and vice versa from Dazmac Logistics, it’s least likely to get any damage and your car will come to you safe and sound.

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