How to Detail Your Car to Make It Look Like New


Whether you want to sell your car soon or just want to improve the look of your vehicle, car detailing is a great idea. To see how much of a difference detailing can make, you can have your car appraised before cleaning it and again after the detailing job is complete. A professional detailing can cost hundreds of dollars, and if you take advantage of this service every few months or so, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment. If you think you want to sell your vehicle and use it as a trade-in, dealers say that a detailed cleaning is best; sales professionals can tell when you’ve done a rush job with tidying the car. However, there are also some things you can do to your vehicle to keep it looking great, even if you’re not putting it on the market.

Cleaning the cupholders may seem like a minor task, but this simply action can make a huge difference in the look of your vehicle’s interior. The cupholders are often the dirtiest part of the inside of the car. If you grab a cup of coffee on the way to work each morning or have kids who eat and drink in the car often, it’s easy for the cupholders to look stained and dingy. For fast cleaning, place an old sock on the bottom of one of your travel cups. Spray the sock with window cleaner and twist the sock in the cupholder while it’s wrapped around your travel cup. You can also use a barbecue skewer in the corners of the holders to get rid of stubborn stains and food that may be stuck there. When you get the crumbs out of the crevices, remove them with a microfiber cloth. To avoid stains in the future, get rubber lines for the cupholders that you can remove and wash as needed.

Blast the dirt from the crevices of the car as well. When you’re looking through the car while vacuuming, you’ll likely find items that you’ve been looking for, like pens, lost keys and small toys. Remove the larger items with your hands and use your skewer again to loosen the debris lodged in your carpeting or sill lips. Do this before vacuuming; use the crevice tool to remove dirt in hard to reach areas. Finish this part of the detailing job by adding glass cleaner to a soft cloth and wiping the area.

You can also use aerosol cleaner to get rid of stains and dirt on the upholstery. This provides a deep cleaning for the fabric without damaging it. Once the aerosol solution starts to dry, treat the seats with a vacuum clean to ensure the cleaner is completely dry before you and your family sit in the vehicle.

As a finishing touch, wash and rinse the exterior the car with a safe solution and add a wax or buffer for added shine. Check the exterior with a plastic bag to inspect the paint job for scratches and wipe any affected areas with a microfiber cloth.

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