Easy Steps to Park your Vehicle in Perfect Parallel


If you are all thorns thinking about how to park your vehicle in a perfectly parallel line between two parked vehicles, we are here to ease out your tense eyebrows.

It was when we visited the Henderson Mazda dealer showroom and a staff there parked a vehicle parallelly at the valet parking slot within a minute. So, we casually asked the person and he gave us a sigh of relief with the following tips.

  1. Choosingthe Spot

Choosing a parking space should be firstly based on the vehicle size in relation to the space you find available. Then it should be enough where you’ll feel comfortable maneuvering your vehicle. It is a time when you should be more diligent than desperate. Not finding a parking slot and moving ahead might delay your visit to the place, but it will not entangle into legal or monetary issues for scratching against another car. Now, if you’ve succeeded in finding one, follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Indicate your Intention

In a parking slot, there can be more challenges other than parking your car. Other cars behind you might start honking, might come and dash the rear end of the vehicle, while you might end up dashing other cars while taking your car in reverse direction. To avoid all these possibilities of hazards, always switch on the turn signal to indicate where you intend to move. It will also help you  claim the ideal spot you’ve chosen or got by simply being fortunate. Now keep looking in the rearview mirror to ensure there are no cars waiting very closely behind you. if you find them, you can ask them to take their car a bit back and go ahead in positioning yourself.

  1. Visualizing and Executing the ‘S’ Shape Movement

Pull up your car a few feet ahead of the rear bumper of the car that is parked in front of you while leaving a gap of two- to three-feet buffer in between. Now try to visualize an “S” in which direction you have to maneuver your car in the slot.

  1. Time to Back Up

Once done, now engage the reverse gear, and assuming that the parking slot will come on your right, turn the wheels as much as possible to the right while gradually moving backwards. In between you have to alternate your attention between watching the right side of your vehicle toget too close to the other vehicle parked in front and looking at the empty parking space where you need to slide in.

When your car takes a 45-degree angle, with the rear of your vehicle almost inside the parking space while the rear wheels reaching the curb area, stop. Now turn the wheels again to the extreme left. Backing up slowly into the allotted space, with wheels still turned to the left. At this time keep watching the front, the sides and the rear sides alternatively, so that you don’t bump into any neighboring cars.  Now that you are already there, now it is time to straighten up the wheels and centering your vehicle in the perfect space.

If you need more such parking tips, you can feel free to ask the expert drivers from any renowned service center like that of the Henderson Mazda dealerships.

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