A two-wheeled emotion- Bike


One of the coolest modes of transport is the Bike. Many people are crazy about bikes. They play a very important role in the lives of those who have a passion for bikes. They have different purposes to serve including long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport, and off-road traveling. People who are passionate about bikes also join in Motorcycle clubs and go on for a rally for both entertainment and awareness purposes. There are three different types of the motorcycle which include: street, off-road, and dual purpose. Within these three major types, there are other sub-classifications for different purposes.

Basic parts of Bike

Some of the bike parts are listed as:

  • Suspension
  • Lights
  • Rims
  • Seat
  • Handle

Cylinder engine

It is a part of the engine which is constructed using a different type of material generally, iron or alloy of aluminum. The cylinder engine is used to seal the top of the engine head. This forms the combustion chambers and is also referred to as engine head. Different motorbikes have different shapes of engine head which may affect the performance of the bike. Larger the engine head, larger the space for combustion. If there is a problem with the cylinder head, there is a problem with the rest of the engine.


Cylinders are generally made of a strong material that could withstand a higher temperature. The purpose of cylinders is to measure the engine’s power. Twin-cylinder is a most used cylinder in motorbikes which is of different types including straight-twin, v-twin, flat- twin, tandem- twin. The performance of the bike increases with an increase in cylinders.


The battery is considered to the heart of the motorbikes because this is the source of the ignition system and other small bike parts like light, sound horn, self-start, etc. Other specific functions in motorbikes may also require a power supply for them to work.

Cooling system

Like cars, the bike also has a cooling system. Bike needs a cooling system as it is over-heated after running for a while. Without a cooling system, overheat due to kinetic energy can damage the engine. They are of different types namely the air cooling and liquid cooling system. The air cooling system uses a small fan to cool the engine. Liquid cooler allows water to pass through different engine parts to cool them down. Some motorbikes may use oil as a coolant but that is not found common in many bikes.

The scooters in India are a type of motorcycle which is popular for transportation as it is being more affordable, easy and simple to handle. There is a wide range of scooter brands in India. The motorbikes that are mostly used for racing, is warm-welcomed by the youngsters. They also offer a safe and comfortable ride for general purposes as well as for racing purposes. Generally, the scooters in India are preferred by women and the motorbikes are preferred by men. But both the motorbike and scooters serve their purposes well.

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