5 Strategic Questions to Ask While Buying a New Car


When you are planning to buy a new car, we know how exciting things can get. We hardly can hold ourselves from the hurry to drive it home. But that’s the blunder the buyers make. In the excitement for buying a new vehicle, they forget few necessary things that can create trouble later and the purchase can finally turn into a headache than a pleasant heartbeat.

As rightly advised by a sales executive of the showroom of a famous Hyundai dealer near Ontario, while going shopping for a new car, one should take things with due diligence. After all, a car purchaseis one of the biggest investments for the mass buyers, and it doesn’t take place every day. It is a decision that one has to live with for quite a long time, even though there are options to trade in your existing car for a new one, as no one wants to make a bad purchase, whatever might be the product is.

So here are few questions we have listed down, asking which canhelp you arrive to the right purchase decision.

Does the Model Have a Recall History

Many times, a newly released model can be recalled by the manufacturer, if they find from the customer feedback across the world about some issues related to its safety or powertrain features. while making a new car purchase, every buyer should start with this question, a particular model has any recall history.

What are the Warranty Options

All the automakers offer some warranty with every car they release in the market. The warranties are meant to cover bumper-to-bumper repair works, including issues with the powertrain and rust. In case of electric vehicles there should be an additional warranty. So, the next question you need to ask the dealership executives who attend to you is, what are the warranty options, and what and all are covered in the warranty package, and for how long. Do not forget to ask about the options for extended warranties and how much it would cost you to purchase one.

Maintenance Coverage

Dealerships are responsible for the post purchase repair works in tune to the warranty. So there has to be a clear word and deal with the on-site maintenance and repair work that will be taken up and executed by the dealership service center. Do ask about the coverage of maintenance and fix up the first maintenance schedule during the purchase itself.

What Will Be the Final Cost

Though every auto manufacturer will offer some incentives, and offer low-cost financing options, the dealerships also offer some discounts and cashback offers, when you make a purchase from their showroom. But while making a car purchase, they can add some fees ondocumentation tags, taxes, and preparation that can shoot up the price beyond your imagination. So before you sign a contract check the “counter” price and go ahead only if that falls within your budget.

Do They Have a Return Policy?

The last question the expert suggests for the Ontario Hyundai shoppers is, if the dealership offers a return policy, in case the car purchase leaves you dissatisfied.

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